What to Expect from a Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you are unable to be employed due to a medically determined disability, you may be entitled to monthly benefits through social security. Here’s what to expect when you hire a social security disability lawyer.

When to Talk to a Disability Lawyer

If you are unable to continue working or maintain your day-to-day life due to a disability, it’s best to talk to a disability lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can help you receive social security compensation to ease the financial burden caused by your disability.

Consulting with an attorney before you submit the initial application ensures that the court has everything they need to review, including medical evidence, doctor statements, and even income reports to show your loss of income due to your disability.

Are Social Security Disability Lawyers Worth lt?

Yes. Hiring a social security disability lawyer gives your case the best chance at being approved. They can also help guide you through the process from start to finish. An attorney is there to represent you and will be dedicated to working on your case with your best interest in mind.

Navigating the application process can be difficult without an attorney. An experienced attorney will have a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding your unique case. They also have the experience to represent you during hearings, giving you the best opportunity to get compensated fairly.

What Do I Need to Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

To receive social security disability benefits, you will need to provide the following:

  • Employment information for the current year and past 2 years
  • Self-employment information for the current year and past 2 years
  • List of medical conditions
  • Doctor/Healthcare professional information
  • Medical records
  • Job history
  • Education and training
  • Marriage status and information

There are many parts to applying for social security disability benefits. Hiring an experienced attorney will ensure that your application leaves no stone unturned that could help you get approved. They understand how much information the Social Security Administration needs for each section that is required in the application.

What are the Requirements to Receive Disability Benefits?

To receive disability benefits, you must meet basic requirements set by the Social Security Administration. The Social Security program is only for people who are defined as having “total disability,” meaning they do not provide benefits to partial or short-term disability, which could benefit from programs like workmen’s compensation.

COVID-19 and Social Security Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits for COVID-19 only apply to those who suffer from long-term symptoms. Long-term COVID-19 suffering, known as long-haul COVID-19, comes with strict criteria in order to receive benefits.

Because receiving Social Security Disability benefits for COVID-19 is still a new process, you should consult with an attorney before attempting to apply yourself. A Social Security disability lawyer will understand how to differentiate your application from the typical application. They will also guide you through what information you will need in order to prove to the Social Security Administration that your COVID-19 symptoms continue to hinder your lifestyle and ability to remain employed.

If you contracted COVID-19 from your office or workplace, you may benefit from COVID-19 Worker’s Compensation, which has a different process than the application for Social Security disability benefits.

Massachusetts State Supplement Program

If you are a resident of Massachusetts, you may be eligible for additional benefits through the State Supplement Program (SSP). Hiring a social security disability lawyer with experience in Massachusetts will help you move through the process smoothly.

If you are applying for Massachusetts Social Security benefits due to a disability, you must go through an appointed disability evaluation. Your attorney can help prepare you for this evaluation by helping you provide all the necessary documentation they might require, including medical records and your history of employment.

Social Security Disability Lawyer for Appealing a Denial

If you have been denied Social Security benefits for your disability, there may be an opportunity to file an appeal. Social Security Disability lawyers can help you file a Request for Reconsideration or appeal for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

What Happens During a Hearing?

Having an attorney represent you during a hearing for Social Security disability benefits is crucial to your success. During the hearing, a judge will review your case. They may ask you questions or question witnesses.

Your attorney will prepare you for the hearings to ensure that all of the judge’s questions are answered in a way that suits your best interests. Experienced attorneys will understand how to help you best prepare for witnesses that may be present for the hearing, including vocational experts or people who can review your job history and determine whether your disability could hinder your employment.

If you need a Social Security disability benefits, contact our experienced attorneys at Bonville & Howard Attorneys at Law for a consultation before filing your application.





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