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Have you been injured while on the job and need to know if you qualify for Workers

Have you already filed a worker’s compensation claim and need assistance with the complicated paperwork and claims process?

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When you are injured at work the workers’ compensation system provides monetary payments
for covered employees who are injured in the course of their employment and also for their
dependents in the unfortunate event of the employee’s death. To qualify an employee must be
disabled for five full or partial calendar days or more. The process can be complicated and your
claim for benefits rejected, or if approved, cut short before you have fully returned to work.
Bonville & Howard, using decades of experience handling worker’s compensation claims can
help you navigate the system in an efficient and capable manner to get benefits that you are
entitled to.

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Additional worker’s compensation info:

Worker’s compensation is a private obligation of the employer and the employer’s insurance
carrier rather than an entity of the state or federal government like Social Security. In
Massachusetts, employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance for their
employees. Generally, payments from the system would cover such areas as weekly wage loss
(60% of your average income, or greater if your injury resulted in a disability), medical care, and
vocational rehabilitation and/or retraining if the injury prevents the worker from returning to
their original job, and death benefits for immediate family members if the worker was killed on
the job. In return for this obligation, an employee is not allowed to sue his or her employer for
any work-related injuries.

The employee can qualify for compensation whether the disability and unemployment has a
short-term or long-term effect.

In most cases, there will be three types of causes for lost wages:

  1. The employee may not be able to continue their employment due to the physical or emotional injury, sickness, or death.
  2. The employee may also lose their job due to lay-off or economic dislocation of the company.
  3. Finally, the employee may no longer be able to work due to old age or retirement.

It is also important to note that unemployment may also occur from actions that are out of the employers’ control. This means that it does not have to be a direct occupational hazard. The amount of compensation any individual is due depends on the unique circumstances of the individual and the specific set of worker’s compensation principles that apply.

Bonville & Howard can help you with your Massachusetts workers compensation claim no matter what type of injury you have sustained or what industry you are employed:

  • Industrial injuries;
    • Inhaling chemicals, lead exposure, bum injuries;
  • Commercial and truck drivers;
  • Factory and assembly workers;
  • Construction accidents;
    • Ladder and scaffolding injuries, injuries from falling objects, equipment malfunction, lifting injuries
  • Nursing/CNA incidents;
  • Prison guards and correctional officers;
  • Retail employees (grocery, other);
  • Office employees;
  • Muscle strains and sprains, repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis.

Types of disability benefits in Massachusetts:

  • Partial Incapacity Benefits
  • Temporary Total Incapacity Benefits
  • Permanent and Total Incapacity Benefits
  • Medical Benefits
  • Permanent Loss of Function and Disfigurement Benefits
  • Survivors’ and Dependents Benefits
  • Third Party Lawsuits-You may be entitled to recovery for your injuries above and beyond your worker’s compensation claim if your claim involved a third party individual or business such as an outside property maintenance company, the manufacturer of equipment you might have been injured by, an outside cleaning company, etc.

If you have been injured on the job contact a Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyer at Bonville & Howard today.