Bonville & Howard Attorneys provide effective representation and advocacy on behalf of residential landlords. This includes creating and negotiating leases, dealing with tenants who are violating the terms of their tenancy, proceeding with evictions, defending claims brought by tenants, as well as other issues that may arise. 

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Let a Landlord Defense Attorney Fight for You

We have the knowledge and skills to provide our clients with the advice and support necessary to successfully operate their rental units.  We have many years of experience in representing landlords in the Massachusetts Courts, with a history of obtaining favorable results through positive settlements and trials. 

Rental Lease Agreement

Lease agreements are legally binding contracts between landlords and tenants. We strongly advise that you seek representation for drafting, reviewing, and negotiating the terms of your rental lease agreement to protect you, your property investments, and your assets. 


Landlord Evictions

Massachusetts remains one of the worst states for landlord protection laws in the country. When it comes to evictions, the process for landlords can be quite costly. We represent landlords to help settle disputes with tenants violating the terms of their lease. In the event of an eviction, there are many avenues a tenant might use to delay leaving your property. At Bonville & Howard Attorneys, we pursue your legal rights to regain control over your rental property. 

Asset Protection

Everyone should take steps to protect their assets in the event of a legal dispute with a tenant. Strategize legal action with an experienced asset protection lawyer from Bonville & Howard Attorneys to safeguard your assets during landlord-tenant matters, including evictions and other lease violations. 

Landlord and Tenant Law Massachusetts

Massachusetts Landlord and Tenant laws can be confusing.  Often, well-intentioned landlords unknowingly fail to comply with all legal requirements in dealing with their tenants.  Examples of this include having unlawful provisions in a lease, failing to hold a security deposit in the manner required, failing to properly prepare or serve a termination notice, or a multitude of other scenarios. This can result in losing a case or causing the landlord to be held liable for damages to a tenant. 

Representation by an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable in landlord and tenant law can prevent or mitigate these types of negative results and substantially raise the likelihood of achieving success in Court.

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