DUA: Department of Unemployment Assistance

In July 2020, the Massachusetts unemployment rate was the highest in the United States at 16.1 percent. If you have found yourself in a situation where you are no longer employed, you must file a claim with the Department of Unemployment Assistance. However, they have the power to determine whether or not you are eligible for unemployment benefits, based on both your application and information from your former employer. Having an attorney present at an unemployment hearing will dramatically increase your chance of winning. An attorney experienced in laws relating to the DUA will understand how to create the best case for you and guide you through the process.

What Factors Determine Unemployment Assistance?

The DUA reviews applications as well as information provided by your most recent employer in order to determine whether or not you fit the requirements of being able to receive unemployment benefits. Your attorney can help you navigate the application process and ensure that you have provided all the information that you need in order to be approved. The eligibility of an unemployment benefits application is determined by these factors:

Reason for leaving your most recent job

Your annual earnings

Eligibility to receive new employment

Your active efforts in searching for work

Unemployment Insurance benefits require you to have earned at least $5,400 during the last four completed calendar quarters and 30 times the weekly benefit amount you would be eligible to collect. You must also be either a U.S. citizen or someone legally authorized to receive employment in the United States. In addition, you must be unemployed or working reduced hours unwillingly at the discretion of your employer, and you must be able to begin new employment when offered.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Having an attorney throughout the entire DUA application process is crucial to your chances of receiving benefits. They are experienced in both the application and appeal processes, and they are familiar with the laws surrounding unemployment. Using an attorney will make the application process run much faster and smoother, and you will be ensured that your application is filled out correctly before submitting it.

In order to appeal the DUA’s decision and receive your unemployment benefits, you will need an attorney. Since their decision was based partially on additional information provided by your former employer, it is likely that they will already have an attorney and be familiar with and prepared for the appeal process. Having someone just as experienced will aide you in receiving the benefits you need. Contact an attorney today to start receiving your unemployment benefits.

Using an Attorney to Appeal a Rejection

If you believe that the DUA incorrectly denied your claim, you will need an attorney to help you appeal the decision. Unemployment is already a stressful and overwhelming situation. Having a reliable and experienced attorney will help you navigate the legal aspects of the appeal process. Bonville & Howard consists of attorneys with years of experience in helping claimants receive unemployment benefits through the appeal process.