Being in a car accident can cause emotional and physical injuries that can be life-changing. Our attorneys are ready to represent you and help you win compensation to lesson the hardship sustained by your accident.

I Got in an Accident. Now What?

Immediately following a car accident can be an overwhelming experience. You have to seek medical attention for injuries sustain, determine how you are going to pay for those medical expenses, process the emotional trauma following the accident, and determine if there is a best course of action for receiving compensation for sustained injuries. Contact an attorney before calling the other driver’s insurance company. Understand that an insurance company’s goal is to limit the liability that they might have to pay you due to the driver under their plan. In contrast, an attorning is seeking to represent you and find the best case scenario for receiving compensation.

How Much is My Accident Worth?

Each car accident is different, but it depends on a number of different factors. When claiming compensation for a car accident, the court case will be influenced by the following:

Damage to vehicle

Injuries sustained

Loss of income due to injuries sustained

Emotional trauma

Medical bills

Your attorney will go through filing the right legal documentation and handing over important information to the court for review to give you the best chance at receiving a higher compensation for your accident. Between each of the contributing factors, the costs of compensation will add up quickly, as long as you are able to provide the correct proof to support your claim.

What to Expect from an Attorney

Attorneys provide legal expertise needed to win your court case and receive compensation for your claim. They are there to work with you and ensure that your claim is heard with the utmost detail. Our expert attorneys bring years of experience to be able to represent your best interests and leave your post-accident process focused on healing. Hiring an attorney from a reputable law firm reassures that you are in the right hands. Our firm has been in business for almost 80 years.

Most cases are settled before trial. It is important to have an experienced attorney guide you through the pre-litigation process to maximize the value of your case in the eyes of the insurance company adjuster who is handling your matter and will make an offer of settlement.

Contact an attorney today to start the process of receiving compensation for your injuries.