Did you contract COVID-19 from your office or workplace? If you began suffering from COVID-19 symptoms around the same time as others in your workplace, it is likely that the symptoms spread there. Individuals who suspect or know that they contracted COVID-19 in the workplace may be entitled to compensation.

COVID long-haulers, or individuals who continued to suffer from symptoms beyond the normal time frame, who contracted their symptoms from the workplace should file a claim for compensation.

Any individual who struggles to return to work due to recurring COVID-19 symptoms should contact an attorney and file a claim for workers’ compensation.

What is a COVID Long-hauler?

Although a full COVID-19 recovery usually only takes a few weeks, some individuals, referred to as COVID long-haulers, end up having persistent or recurring symptoms beyond that timeframe. According to Harvard Medical School’s Health Publishing, “tens of thousands” of people in the United States can be classified as COVID long-haulers due to continuous or lingering symptoms.

The most common COVID long-hauler symptoms are:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Body aches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Brain fog
  • Headache
  • Restlessness

These symptoms can also lead to anxiety, depression, and PTSD for those who suffer from them long term. Even individuals who were initially asymptomatic could be prone to suffering from lingering COVID-19 symptoms.

How Much Compensation Could I Receive?

The exact percentage that you receive from a workers’ compensation claim for COVID-19 depends upon whether it is temporary or permanent. The most likely type of compensation claim with COVID-19 is a temporary total disability, in which you could receive up to a maximum of $1,431 per week *.

*Figures do change periodically

How the Claims Filing Process Works

To file a claim for long-haul COVID-19 workers’ compensation, you will need to notify your employer or your employer’s insurer of your lingering symptoms or injuries. Our attorneys will aid you from start to finish. If your employer refuses to pay or notify you of paying within 14 days from the receipt of the claim, you will need to appeal the case to the DIA.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

The best way to ensure that your workers’ compensation claim is processed is by hiring an attorney. They are educated and experienced with handling these claims, and they can help you through the process for the best chance at receiving compensation.

If your employer or the insurer refuses to pay the compensation, you have the chance to appeal the claim to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). You will need a lawyer to help make sure that you can gather all the evidence you need to appeal the claim and receive compensation.

Each member of our legal team has years of experience representing clients through the claims process. They are equipped to handle your unique situation to provide you with the best representation and custom strategy.

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