Slip and falls cause thousands of injuries in the United States each year. In New England, snow and ice add to the amount of slip and fall injuries, whether through employment or in public areas. In 2018, 791 work-related deaths were caused by slips or falls. Even more caused either injuries or disabilities. If you have been injured by a slip and fall accident, our attorneys can represent your claim in order to receive compensation.

How the Claims Process Works

Suffering from a slip-and-fall accident means focuses both on recovering from injuries and bearing the financial burden of figuring out how to pay for the medical bills involved. Bonville & Howard Attorneys at Law will help you navigate the legal process in order to receive compensation for your injuries.

In order to prepare for the legal process, you will need the following:

  • Medical records
  • Pictures of the slip-and-fall incident area (if applicable) taken as soon as possible after the fall
  • Names of witnesses

Another way to give yourself the best chance of receiving compensation is to contact an attorney before providing any statements to an insurance company that could hurt your claim.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

If you are trying to receive compensation for a slip-and-fall accident through a lawsuit, you will need an attorney. Our attorneys have the legal expertise to advise you and guide you through the entire process. Attorneys will be prepared with years of experience to understand how to file complaints and provide supporting documents to the court that will represent your side of the claim.

Most cases are settled before trial. It is important to have an experienced attorney guide you through the pre-litigation process to maximize the value of your case in the eyes of the insurance company adjuster who is handling your matter and will make an offer of settlement.

Contact an attorney today to start the process of receiving compensation for your injuries.