Driver’s License Fraud Suspensions and Consequences

Both the Massachusetts RMV and the State Police Compliance Unit investigate any instances of license fraud. If you have received a letter from the RMV about a revoked license for “COMP FRAUD LIC/ID,” contact an experienced comp fraud license attorney immediately. They can help represent you to the Board of Appeal to help you reinstate your license.Comp fraud license suspension

Comp Fraud Suspensions

Using facial recognition software, the Registry of Motor Vehicles is uncovering fraudulent license records generated years, even decades, ago. If the RMV has reason to believe that you provided false information in order to obtain a Massachusetts Driver’s License, you will receive a “COMP FRAUD LIC/ID” letter in the mail notifying you about an indefinite suspension of your license.

Driver’s license fraud, even from over 20 years ago, can result in serious consequences. You do not want to lose your license and risk having to pay a $500 reinstatement fee if your license is revoked.

An immediate suspension of a license can result in stressful consequences. Drivers with a revoked license may experience trouble getting to work, going to doctors’ appointments, getting groceries, or going to school. A license suspension can impact every aspect of someone’s day. Not to mention, it can also come with serious legal ramifications.

False License Hearings

You have the right to be represented by an attorney during any false license hearing with the Board of Appeal. The Board of Appeal and Registry must be cleared by the Registry’s Special Investigations Unit before conducting any hearings in regard to license fraud suspension. Both the RMV’s Special Investigations Unit and the Massachusetts State Police conduct investigations on any suspected license fraud.

The RMV and Massachusetts State Police take license fraud suspension hearings very seriously. Hearings take place at a secure facility that requires screening prior to entry. You must bring a valid photo ID when going through security.

There are no walk-in hearings for license fraud. These hearings must be scheduled in advance. Seek legal representation as soon as possible after suspected license fraud that requires a hearing. An experience comp fraud license attorney will represent you during the hearings.

Is License Fraud a Felony?

Driver’s license fraud is considered a felony under Massachusetts State Law. Providing false information to receive any legal identification is a serious matter under both state and federal law. For this reason, the RMV immediately suspends any licenses that were issued after providing false information.

Punishment for a Fake ID in Massachusetts

Use of fraudulent driver’s license in Massachusetts carries a punishment of five years in prison if convicted. Any convicted felonies carry serious ramifications that can impact financial aid, the right to vote, the right to possess a firearm, and even the ability to obtain or maintain employment. Those who have their driver’s license revoked due to suspected license fraud can risk these punishments alongside an indefinite driver’s license suspension.

False Suspicion of License Fraud

If you received a letter from the RMV about a comp fraud license suspension, you will still have to undergo a hearing with the RMV even if their suspicion is incorrect. There is always a risk that facial recognition software can incorrectly identify an individual. Because both the RMV and state and federal law take license fraud very seriously, your license will immediately be suspended indefinitely until after the hearing. For this reason, regardless of your case, you should always contact an experience comp fraud license attorney as soon as possible to represent you in all legal proceedings.

Why Hire a License Fraud Suspension Attorney?

A license fraud suspension attorney (comp fraud suspension attorney) can negotiate plea bargains and give you the best chance at reducing penalties. Comp Fraud suspension lawyers have experience and strong understanding of license suspension hearings and appeals. They can guide you through the legal proceedings from start to finish and represent you during the hearings.

The legal process for license fraud suspension can be emotionally taxing for anyone who has to undergo hearings with the RMV and State Police. Having a lawyer there to represent you can ensure that you do not miss any opportunities to defend your case and give you the best chance at reducing consequences.